Guidelines for submitting a book review to Latin American Literary Review

Please review the following guidelines carefully. Feel free to contact the Book Review Editor with any questions you may have about format and/or content while preparing the review.

Preparation of reviews

The length of the review should be approximately 1,000 words.

The Latin American Literary Review (LALR) publishes articles and reviews in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Reviews of books published in English should be written in English; for books published in Spanish or Portuguese, the reviewer can opt for writing it in any of the three languages of the journal.

  1. Book citation: A full citation of the book under review should appear at the top of the text, exactly as follows: Title of Book. By First Name Last Name OR Edited by First Name Last Name. City (& State, if needed) of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. ### pages.
  2. Reviewer’s name: Write your name and academic affiliation at the end of the review as follows: First name Last name Institution
  3. Spacing & margins: Double-space all text (including quoted material) throughout the review; leave margins of at least 1 inch on all sides of the text.
  4. Font: Use Times New Roman 11pt or 12pt; use only italics (do not underline) for book titles, foreign words, etc., per MLA format.
  5. Punctuation & paragraphs: Only one space should follow periods and other punctuation; paragraphs should be created with TABS or with the paragraph offset function.
  6. Numbers: Use Arabic numerals for chapters (e.g., Chapter 10).
  7. Citations: Give the page number (in parentheses) for any material quoted from the reviewed book. Non-English quotations do not need to be translated. If you need to refer to the work of another writer, please include full name and full title, with date of original publication and, if needed, page numbers in parentheses. Note: LALR book reviews do not contain footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies or lists of works cited.

Please note that the Book Review Editor reserves the right to make changes in format and style; if possible, substantive editing will be done in consultation with the reviewer. If the submitted review departs substantially from either format or focus of the journal’s current Book Reviews section, the review will be returned for revision.

The graduate assistant of the Book Review Editor will be also in touch with the reviewer regarding the shipping and reception of the book for review, as well as for any further administrative coordination.

Submission of reviews

 Please send the review as an attachment (DOC or DOCX only) directly to the LALR Book Review Editor (


Announcing new book review editor

Estimadxs Colegas: A partir de este momento asumo el rol de Editor de la Sección Reseñas en la revista académica Latin American Literary Review, la cual acogerá libros—tanto de autoría individual o colectiva como colecciones de ensayos—en el campo de estudios de literatura, estudios culturales y y estudios de medios situados en los Estudios Latinoamericanos, Latin@s y Transatlánticos. En caso que hayan publicado un libro en el 2017 o tengan uno en camino, sea en inglés, castellano o portugués, ruego que hagan saber de esto a su editorial para que me lo hagan llegar a la dirección abajo posteada.

Dear Colleagues: From now onward, I will be Book Review Editor for the journal Latin American Literary Review. This Book Review section will welcome academic books—by single authors or collective authorship as well as collections of essays—in the fields of literary, cultural and media studies within Latin American, Latin@ and Transatlantic studies. In case that you have published a book in 2017 or you have a forthcoming one, in English, Spanish or Portuguese, please let your publishing house know about this in order to receive your book and consider it for review. Your press or yourself can send it to the address posted below.

Prezadxs Colegas: Estou assumindo a função de Editor da Seção de Resenhas da revista acadêmica Latin American Literary Review, que receberá livros de autoria individual ou coletiva bem como coletâneas de ensaios – nas áreas de Estudos Literários, Estudos Culturais e Estudos Midiáticos, nos campos de estudos Latino- americanos, Latin@s e Transatlânticos. Caso tenha publicado algum livro em 2017 ou tenha algum para publicar brevemente, seja em inglês, espanhol ou português, favor avisar a sua editora sobre essa oportunidade de publicar uma resenha e enviá-la para o endereço abaixo.

Luis Cárcamo Huechante
Book Review Editor, Latin American Literary Review
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
The University of Texas at Austin
BEN 2.116
150 W. 21st Street, Stop B3700
Austin, TX 78712-1155


Editorial board

If you are interested in learning more about the inner workings of an academic journal, and would like to collaborate with Latin American Literary Review, perhaps even joining the editorial board, send Debra Castillo a copy of your CV, along with topics/areas where you could contribute your expertise to reading articles, or writing reviews: