Volume 48, Issue 96 (2021)

Research Articles

“Border Environments: An Introduction to the Special Issue,” Anindita Banerjee

“Becoming Seres Puentes: Teresa Leal, the Toxic Tour, and Five Decades of Capacity Building on the U.S.-Mexico Border,” Joni Adamson

“Geological Afterlives of Sand in the Taiwan Strait,” Chencong Zhu

“On the Nature of the Border: Trash Thresholds in Luis Alberto Urrea’s By the Lake of Sleeping Children,” Micah McKay

“Breadfruit in the Wake: Imagining Vegetal Mutiny in Derek Walcott’s ‘The Bounty’,” Hannah R Cole

“Borders and Butterflies in José Manuel Prieto’s Livadia/Nocturnal Butterflies of the Russian Empire,” Ilka Kressner

“The Bee Lecture: How Amerindian Perspectivism Psychoanalyzed the Western Symbolic Order And its Historicity And Set A Precedent for a New Kind of Politics,” Milton Loayza

“Framing a Decolonial Future: Hurricane María in Independent Puerto Rican Comics,” Paul Humphrey

“Art as Advocacy: Protecting the U.S.-Mexico Border Environment in Amanda Keller Konya’s ‘Specimens’,” Georgina J Whittingham

“Won’t You be My Neighbor? – Corporate Discourse, Formations of Community, and Fracking Above the Marcellus Shale,” Zachary Grobe

“Escaping the Visual Trap of the Agricultural Frontier: Fernando Solanas’s Viaje a los pueblos fumigados,” Oscar A Pérez

“Refoulement as Biopolitical Praxis: Subalternity, Ethnography, and Ethics at the Mexico-Guatemala Border,” John William Kennedy

“Disposable Bodies: Undocumented Migrants and La jaula de oro’s Poetics of Austerity,” Silvia Mejía

“The Individual at the End of Time, and Paths Beyond,” Laura Caicedo

“The Sublime and The Sewer,” Lilly Schaber

“Lines in the Sand(bar): Collective Perspectives and Shifting Temporalities in Char… The No Man’s Island,” Amrita Chakraborty


“Centering Climate Disaster: A Labor Immigration Driving Force,” Lyrianne Ebel González

“How Borges Wrote by Daniel Balderston. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press, 2018. 375 páginas,” Gustavo Faverón Patriau

“Juliet of the Tropics: A Bilingual Edition of Alejandro Tapia y Rivera’s La cuarterona (1867). Tr. John Maddox. Cambria Press, 2016,” Anibal Gonzalez Perez